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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big build up to wind down

It feels like there has been this massive build up to finish the first semester. I've had 2 lab sessions in 2 weeks (when it's usually only once every 3 weeks). Last Thursdays lab was an assessment on therapeutic communication, safe patient moving and hand hygiene.  I passed, and so did everyone else in my group. It appears to me that my university wants everyone to pass. I'm not sure that is such a good thing. I certainly wouldn't want an incompetent nurse looking after me if I was sick.

Anyway, all that is left this semester is to update my resume and right an application letter for a fake AIN position, write a report on my field study experience and do one exam for HUBS. Then it's 8 weeks of freedom. Yeehaa! I have been looking at my timetable for next semester and I have discovered that my favorite course (primary health care) is over after this semester, I thought it would continue through the second half of the year. Instead it is replaced with labs and clinical placement (which I am really looking forward to). I will miss learning about community health, it's history and thinking about its future and all its aspects. 

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